What We Fund


DeBusk Foundation Provides Grants of Financial Assistance to Educational Programs Located In The State of Texas Serving Gifted Students in Grades 3-8

The Foundation only provides grant funding to educational summer school programs that utilize the curriculum that has been developed by the DeBusk Enrichment Center for Academically Talented Scholars (DECATS). (See “Grant Requests” for details) 

DECATS programs offer unique opportunities for high-ability students to participate in a three-week summer adventure of challenging and enriching coursework. The core curriculum has been developed by experts in the field of gifted education and has been specifically targeted toward elementary-aged children.  DECATS programs nurture the whole learner and foster the development of the leaders of tomorrow.

Currently, DeBusk Foundation supports DECATS programs on 8 campuses in the state of Texas. 


Junior DECATS ,Dallas, TX
Senior DECATS,Dallas, TX
Austin DECATS, Austin, TX
Sugarland DECATS, Houston, TX
West Houston DECATS, Houston, TX
Corpus Christie DECATS, Houston, TX
St. Anne DECATS, Houston, TX
Strake Jesuit DECATS, Houston, TX

Programs in Action