Grant Requests

DeBusk Foundation provides grants of financial assistance to educational programs throughout the State of Texas serving gifted students who are in grades 3-8.

Grants are made to educational organizations and not to individuals. The Foundation only provides grant funding to educational summer-school programs that utilize the curriculum that has been developed by the DeBusk Enrichment Center for Academically Talented Scholars (DECATS).  Grant funding amounts will provide for a portion of the total operational cost of each program, with the balance provided from student tuition.

Programs seeking funding must provide a specific process for identifying the gifted students attending the DECATS program. To qualify for funding consideration, one criterion of the Foundation MUST be met for all incoming students:  a ranking in the 95 percentile or above on any nationally standardized achievement, creativity, or reasoning test, in a specific area (such as mathematics), in multiple areas, or as an average score overall.

Funding is for three-week DECATS summer programs only that utilize DECATS curriculum (see  Grants are made on a one-year basis, with no guarantee of continuation of funding or level of funding from one year to the next.

In order to qualify for a grant, the applicant must have identified a program director and must have a facility that can house the program. The deadline date to submit grant requests is October 15th of each year. The Board of Directors of DeBusk Foundation will meet in January to vote on all proposals received prior to the deadline.

To further inquire regarding grant requirements and availability, please email